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Community Exhibition Wall

The gallery at the LHAC includes a wall that is available to individual artists and groups who are looking for a space to curate their own exhibit for a month.  This exhibition wall is 20 feet long and 7 feet high. 


Your exhibit will be open and monitored whenever the LHAC is open.

LHAC can process sales for your group if desired.

All hanging hardware will be provided by LHAC and assistance is available to help hang if needed.

Artists and groups using the community wall are welcome to host a reception for their exhibit.

The Community Exhibition Wall is currently being scheduled and is available starting in April 2020.

If you're interested in using the space, please stop into the center and/or email us at

What's On the Community Wall?

May 2023                   Showers and Flowers                      In honor of spring and Mother's Day, our May open-call group exhibit

                                                                                               features signs of spring and flowers that will last forever in a variety

                                                                                               of mediums and styles.

June 2023                  Going Green                                     All of our themes are open to artistic interpretation, so we're not 100%

                                                                                              sure what this theme will bring us - from the many shades of green, to

                                                                                              recycled/repurposed works, to interpretations of environment and

                                                                                              sustainability.  But, we expect it will be interesting and beautiful and

                                                                                              amazingly creative.

July 2023                    Sunrise & Sunset                          This exhibit features some of our favorite subjects and compositions -

                                                                                             the beauty of light and color and majesty that comes with sunrise and


August 2023              Local Flavor                                     Like with out "Going Green" exhibit in June, we really aren't sure how

                                                                                              artists will interpret this theme, and we are really looking forward to

                                                                                              seeing what everyone comes up with.


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