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Meet the LHAC Resident Artists

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Barbara London

Karen Desrosiers

Alisa Marie

Jo-Anne Lucas

Pauline Maloney

Ethel Hills

Natalie Rotman Cote

Barbara London is an accomplished musician, artist, and writer.  She is well known throughout the NH Seacoast region as a jazz musician, flutist and vocalist.  Her watercolor paintings are often abstract and whimsical, painted from her imagination, capturing impressions, emotions, and music.  Learn more about Barbara on her website at

In addition to being the founder and gallerist of Lane House Arts Center, Karen Desrosiers is a visual artist and writer.  She creates work in a wide range of materials, including oil paintings, photography. sculpture, and more.  Visit Karen's website to learn more about her and her work, including her published books.

Alisa Marie creates brilliant and dynamic colorful encaustic pieces, using thin layers of color-rich wax.  She repurposes many of her designs into wonderful, wearable art.  "My mission is simple; I want people to smile."  Alisa's work can be see and ordered on her website

Jo-Anne Lucus is a designer and artist, experimenting and working with a range of mediums.  She has joined the Lane House to get back to her artistic self, experiment and create.  You can follow Jo-Anne's journey through her Facebook page.

Pauline Maloney works in both oils and acrylics.  While she paints a variety of subject matter, her first love and specialty is in painting portraits.  She also does beautiful calligraphy work. 

Ethel Hills is passionate about warm, intense color and creating artwork that connects people with places, memory, and joy.  She uses acrylics, watercolor, and paper to create stunning mixed-media collages.  Read about Ethel, her work, and available workshops on her website.

Natalie Rotman Cote's love of animals, nature, color, and creativity shine through in her artwork.  She is a photographer and painter, and often experiments with different mediums, pushing herself as an artist.  Natalie's work also brings awareness of and support for local animal welfare issues.  Visit Natalie's website to see her current projects and artwork.

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