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How to Help

We are a very small, artist-run arts center, operating on a tight budget in a very difficult time.  Our focus is on creating a positive community and making an impact.  We also believe in recycling, re-purposing, and having a low impact.  This means we are always looking for help.  If you're interested and able, we are looking for the following items and could use help in the following ways:

Our Wish List


Reusable paper shopping bags

Gift bags

Newsprint and packing paper (in good condition)



Folding Chairs


For a new ceramics studio...

Tools for handbuilding/sculpting with clay

New or used

Clay sculpting tools, ribs, cutters

Banding wheels

Rolling pins



Kiln Stilts

Crowd Funding:

We need help to raise $3000 for a kiln, sink, and supplies to start our new ceramics studio and "maker space".   The goal is to make the ceramics studio available to the community, to provide pottery classes and a "maker space", and to provide firing services.  If you are interested in making a gift toward our ceramics studio, please use the PayPal button. 

Note:  We are not a 501c3 non-profit, so any gifts are not tax deductible.  However, they are very greatly appreciated.  We may not be technically non-profit, but we certainly are in spirit.


0                                                      1500                                            3000

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