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The Bookstore at Lane House
featuring NH authors

The Lane House Arts Center is pleased to introduce the Bookstore at Lane House.  This is a small book "store" featuring books by NH writers and/or books about NH.

Our bookstore is a work-in-progress and continuing to grow.  Current authors include:

RM Allen                                                 JL Long

Robert Begiebing                                        Amy Makechnie

Denise Brown                                                David McNicholas

Anthony Caplan                                            Ed Pacht

Karen Desrosiers                                           J Dennis Robinson

Brittany Eldridge                                          Samantha Simard

Michael Harmon                                           Syd Sullivan

Stephen Hartford                                   Katherine Towler

If you are a NH writer and/or have a book that feature NH and are interested in having your book(s) available in the Bookstore at Lane House, please email Karen at  We are also interested in having authors into the gallery for book readings, chats, and signings.

All books are accepted and sold on a commission basis.

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